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Supplier Dispute Litigation

Problems mount when suppliers let you down. At best, supplier problems can cause an inconvenient scramble. At worst, a problem with a supplier can impact your own ability to serve your customers, which can lead to losses in revenue and reputation.

Things happen, and a mistake from an otherwise excellent supplier usually doesn’t warrant litigation. Nevertheless, you have recourse when a gross breach of contract damages your business and causes a significant loss.

Types of Supplier Disputes

We can help with all of the most common supplier disputes, including:

  • Substandard products
  • Materials that fail to meet contractual specifications
  • Delivery delays
  • Missing deliveries
  • Payment disputes
  • Pricing discrepancies

We can also help with any other contractual breach that your supplier may have committed against you, as well as any accusations of breach that you may be facing.

Remedies for Supplier Disputes

Many supplier disputes don’t make it all the way to litigation. Both sides review their contract, understand their obligations, and negotiate with one another to correct the deficiency without proceeding to trial. Mediation or arbitration are also options.

At times, a single, well-drafted letter from your lawyer can put an end to supplier disputes before they begin.

Nevertheless, litigation remains available, especially in cases where the supplier proves intractable, unwilling to negotiate, or unresponsive. You would usually be eligible to receive compensatory damages, court orders that force the supplier to meet their contractual obligations, and/or other remedies.

Proceeding to Litigation

We can advise you on whether it’s appropriate to proceed to litigation or whether other, softer remedies might still be appropriate. Nevertheless, we’re always prepared to litigate and begin gathering evidence and building your case from the day you engage with until you either settle the matter or we take it to trial.

Handle Supplier Disputes on a Contingency Basis

When a business attorney charges by the hour, they have nothing to lose by taking your case—they’ll get paid no matter what. That makes picking a business attorney a high-stress, high-risk decision.

If you’re already having an issue with your supplier, why not consider a business lawyer who may take your case on contingency? That means we only get fees if you win. If you have a supplier litigation case with $200,000 in hard damages or more, ask us whether your case may be right for a contingency fee arrangement.

You can find out more about the contingency business litigation option here.