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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

In early 2020 we were served with a lawsuit from a former client. The accusations made against us and our company were untrue but we knew the individual in question and because of that, we knew we would have a fight on our hands.

I called every attorney that was a client or friend, asked them for referrals. and came up with a list of what I believed were the top attorneys. I interviewed them all, and my wife interviewed them all separately too. I did not write down anyone’s rates. I simply wrote down their names and their expertise since I did not want to be influenced by the hourly rate. I have learned that it’s better to hire the best people since it inevitably saves you money and headaches in the end. My first choice was Mark Chatow. When I talked to my wife afterwards, her first choice was the same so we immediately hired him.

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business life.

The first accusations could not be substantiated and Mark was able to have EVERYTHING overruled. When that occurred, the plaintiffs filed an amended complaint and came after us again. We talked to Mark throughout about strategy and also talked to him about how to keep the costs down as much as possible. We knew the individual in question would try to bleed us dry in an effort to win a baseless case so it was crucial to be strategic. In addition to being very intelligent and savvy, Mark had ideas on how to minimize the costs too. I’m not saying that the experience was cheap by any means, but Mark did everything he could to keep his costs and any filing/mediation/court costs down. He was genuine, kind, caring and sincere about everything.

When we were finally able to get the plaintiff to the table, Mark was a fierce negotiator. He was tough, stood his ground (and ours) and did EVERYTHING in our best interest. We were happy with the outcome and Mark was crucial in getting this out of our lives. Not only did he do a fantastic job, he is truly just a wonderful person also. I have so much respect for this man both professionally and as a human being and that’s why I had to write this review. If you have questions about our experience working with Mark, I am happy to answer them if you message me.

We are so grateful for all of Mark’s compassion, understanding, help and hard work. He is a rare breed, especially when it comes to attorneys. If you have any business, corporate or litigation needs, we cannot recommend him highly enough.

– Steve Gould

I’ve worked with several lawyers in the past and most fit the stereotypical shady lawyer. I was fortunate enough to come across Mark while searching to replace my legal counsel. I visited his website, read his reviews and after the first consultation, felt confident in having Mark in my corner. He did not disappoint. For over two years, Mark helped me put up a good fight and got a better-than-expected settlement. Mark is honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, ethical, reasonable, funny and considerate. And yes, I used honest and considerate to describe a lawyer. I personally enjoyed watching his masterful interrogation of the defendants’ depositions. His billing was very reasonable, and he won’t nickel and dime you to death for simple questions that take minutes to answer.

If you need a hard fighting lawyer on your side, hire Mark Chatow. He will layout the possibilities and give you expert advice. I’ll continue to use Chatow Law for all of my business legal needs.

– Jon Vu

We had a great experience working with Mark! He helped us navigate a very complicated shareholders dispute and find a resolution after YEARS of back and forth. It was an extremely complicated case. Mark was very responsive to any and all requests. He did a fantastic job of clearly explaining all legal matters and options that we had to choose from. He listened to all of our concerns and gave us very valuable feedback as to how we could handle our unique situation. We would use him again in a heartbeat.

– Hillary P

Mark was our attorney for a lawsuit against the seller of a small business we purchased. We really can’t say enough good things about how great a job Mark did. The case was complicated and involved many moving parts but Mark did a fantastic job representing us and getting us justice. Mark’s questioning of the old owner at the deposition was brilliant. The best compliment that I can say is that the old owner of the business we were suing actually had to change attorneys when it became obvious that his 1st attorney was outmatched by Mark. We highly recommend Mark to anyone needing a great attorney! By the way, I am a Notre Dame man, so for me to recommend a USC alum should speak volumes about how good Mark is as an attorney, and as a person.

– Jim C.

We have worked with Mark for a number of years now. I am so very grateful that I found him years ago reading different blogs about a business litigation issue we had been encountering at the time. He had responded to someone’s question and I liked the way he responded so I looked him up. I read through his website and I liked what I saw. Mark was an entrepreneur for many years before entering the world of law so he really understands the mindset and the specific needs of a business owner. And while it must seem a bit unreal when talking about a lawyer, he is one of the most honest people I have met and with an immense amount of integrity. He is very even tempered and tries to take the most rational steps when dealing with any issue—regardless of how upset I might be:) We are a very small business—consisting of three employees—but whether or not Mark is aware, I consider him to be our fourth employee. It has empowered me knowing that I have him in our corner—someone I can call with any minute concern, always willing to send an email or make a call on our behalf when we need a little extra presence in any situation. I am so grateful to have found him and to have him represent us. Thank you, Mark.

– Jennifer Zarougian

Mark Chatow is the kind of lawyer you want working for you.

Don’t be fooled because Mark does not work for a big law firm. He is a top-notch lawyer who will give your issues the attention they need without the excessive billings that come with larger firms.

Mark has helped my company with several legal disputes. In one case, Mark ran circles around the defendant’s attorney and he got the other side to settle for much more than we expected. While their attorney crumbled, Mark shined.

In another case, Mark got the defendant to settle for an amount that was more than the disputed amount when we engaged him while working with us strategically to keep pressure on the defendant while minimizing our legal costs.

Chatow Law is good about keeping billings reasonable. They still need to make money obviously, but if you work with Chatow Law and have a simple question they can answer in a few minutes then you will not get billed. And Chatow Law will never throw multiple attorneys onto something that could be handled by single attorney. They have even suggested less expensive options for services they can provide such as some of the routine compliance work for corporation filings.

If you or your company need legal help, hire Chatow Law and listen to what Mark tells you to do. You will not regret it.

– Luke Soule

what a stroke of luck to find Mark Chatow. He has handled my case with the utmost competence and efficiency. BRAVO Mark!

– p b

I had hired the firm for a litigation case. They were professional, straight forward and competent in their handling of the case. The communication was great and they were very responsive when I had questions or needed help to understand some items.

– Gerhard Waterkamp

I hired Mark to represent me in a business transaction. Mark’s experience was a huge benefit to me in the transaction. I was hesitant to hire an attorney due to the expense involved but due to Mark’s knowledge and expertise he ended up saving me an enormous amount of money. I would recommend Mark to anyone due to his knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism.

– Dave Standage

Friendly and courteous. Their work is very thorough and he listen to your concerns with undivided attention. I rate him 10/10.

– Guille M

Mark was kind enough to call me back and research an issue same day on a SUNDAY. Super responsive and helpful!

– Joe Kremer