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Commercial Debt Collections (Business-to-Business)

We help businesses collect on business-to-business debts, especially in cases where the debt is very large. Examples of commercial collections cases we handle include:

  • A business gets sold, but one of the partners isn’t paid.
  • One business provides another with goods or services and isn’t paid for them.
  • The business signs a promissory note that it later fails to honor.
  • The business leases a commercial property and fails to pay rent.

One advantage of working with a law firm is that we can often get debts collected faster than you could on your own. The longer the debt sits, the less likely it becomes to be paid. A letter from an experienced business litigation attorney often gets results more quickly than anything else can.

If it is impossible to collect the debt with a simple demand letter, we can assess whether pursuing other avenues, like breach of contract litigation, is feasible. 

In many cases we can negotiate a settlement agreement. Though settlements won’t net you the entire amount of the debt owed to you, they may be the least-bad option to get the most of your money in a timely fashion. We have a variety of techniques that may compel the debtor to agree to the settlement and honor it (e.g. freeze the assets of the delinquent party).

We can also provide insight on how best to prevent the need for collections in the first place. Certain business practices make it more difficult for companies to dodge commercial debts. For example, we recommend documenting all transactions in writing, sending regular invoices, and creating agreements wherever possible. 

Should the other party file for bankruptcy, we can help you protect your interests in bankruptcy court by raising objections, questions, and issues that might prevent the other party from discharging its unpaid debts. 

Sometimes the defendant business or business partner has engaged in business fraud. We thoroughly investigate every case to ensure we obtain evidence of misrepresentation of financial information, falsified documents, or incidents in which key information has been concealed. That information can help us protect your rights and property.

Collecting Business Debts on a Contingency Basis

It is possible that we can handle your collections on a contingency basis, rather than on a pay-as-you go hourly basis.  Probably because of the damages or outstanding debts and possibly for other reasons, your money may be tied up temporarily.  We understand that, which is why we may be able to work you in such a way that you only pay a percentage of the settlement or judgment if and when we win your case and you collect your award.  You can find out more about the contingency business litigation option here.

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