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Your business isn’t equity, capital, a tax obligation, an inheritance, a hobby, a piggy bank, or a pie waiting to be sliced up.  Your dispute or other problem isn’t a case, a lesson, or a blessing in disguise.

Your business is like your child, and your legal challenge may be a fight for its life.  At the very least, it’s a formative moment.   

As a business owner, principal or executive, you’ve dealt with serious problems before and probably have  the experience and the wisdom to know what’s right, but you need a business attorney with the right legal and business experience to make it happen.  That’s where business litigation attorney Mark Chatow can come in. As one of the few business litigation attorneys in the Orange County and Los Angeles area with 20+ years experience as a business founder, owner and executive, Mark has walked the same difficult road you have, and understands the challenges, concerns, and what’s at stake.

Mark can work on an hourly basis or (in some cases) on a contingency basis, and can help with challenges including:

Whether your challenge comes from another company or from inside your company, or from a competitor or customer or employee or family member, chances are Chatow Law can help.  Before we can figure out the overall strategy and urgent next steps, we’ll need to discuss the facts and your story.  Contact Chatow Law to schedule a free consultation and to discuss your situation.

Mark Chatow, Founder of Chatow Law

Business Litigation, Business Sense

Business Litigation That Suits Your Unique Needs

Chatow Law handles matters both as a business contingency law firm and on an hourly-billing basis. Mark draws extensively on his 20 years of business experience in every one of his cases.

“I saw first-hand the damage that unnecessary business lawyers and litigation can bring a company in terms of cost, wasted time, and morale. On the other hand, I also saw what can happen when a business or owner is afraid to take necessary legal action when warranted.”

You can see Mark’s complete business history here.

Practice Areas

Chatow Law focuses exclusively on business litigation. Areas we help clients with include:


  • Mark is honest, straightforward, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, ethical, reasonable, funny and considerate. And yes, I used honest and considerate to describe a lawyer

    Jon V.
  • I was hesitant to hire an attorney due to the expense involved but due to Mark’s knowledge and expertise he ended up saving me an enormous amount of money. I would recommend Mark to anyone due to his knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism.

    Dave S.
  • We had a great experience working with Mark! He helped us navigate a very complicated shareholders dispute and find a resolution after YEARS of back and forth.

    Hillary P.
  • Mark was an entrepreneur for many years before entering the world of law so he really understands the mindset and the specific needs of a business owner. And while it must seem a bit unreal when talking about a lawyer, he is one of the most honest people I have met and with an immense amount of integrity. He is very even tempered and tries to take the most rational steps when dealing with any issue—regardless of how upset I might be

    Jennifer Z.


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