My Philosophy

Practice Business Law With Business Sense

I strongly believe that business law must make business sense and that business attorneys must first understand the business behind the business law they practice. My many years in business and my experience with the law from a business perspective will allow you to use the law as a business tool to grow, build, and protect your company.

Over the past twenty years I've seen from the perspective of a founder, executive, and CEO the damage that unnecessary business lawyers and litigation can bring a company, in terms of cost, wasted time, and morale. Sometimes companies could have prevented issues with simple measures, and other times they are too quick to jump into a fight. On the other hand, I've also seen what can happen when a business is afraid to take legal action when it is truly called for.

Address Small Issues Before They Grow Big

I believe that the best offense starts with a good defense, and I'll work with you to address areas in your business that can be easily managed with simple preventative steps before they turn into large legal liabilities.

Pick Battles Wisely

I also believe that sometimes the best legal action from a business perspective is no action. Not every point in a contract or legal dispute has to be fought to the death, and I'll advise you on when to give in--and when to hold your ground. At times it's less costly to back away from a legal solution and my >business experience will guide you in those cases.

Offer Fair, Transparent Rates

Our low overhead allows substantially lower rates than large firms charge. and I'll keep you apprised of billing as work progresses so you shouldn't ever be surprised by the total cost.

No Nickle and Diming

I have a simple rule that I won't charge for the expenses that used to drive me crazy when I was a client. When you are a client you will never be billed for copies, scans, or postage. And if you're on a monthly or annual outside general counsel plan you won't be charged for phone calls where we discuss your case, your business, or anything else you'd care to talk about. Because we'll have the time we need to talk, we'll come to decisions that are better for you and better for your business.

Make Bills Clear and Simple

When you are billed, your invoices will have clear explanations of what you're being billed for, and why. And if you ever need more explanation, you can always call--without worrying about being billed for that call too.

Respond Quickly to Phone Calls and Email

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to reach your attorney about a crucial contract issue or pressing business law matter and not getting a return call or email the same business day. I take your calls and inquiries seriously and if I am not immediately available we can quickly schedule a time when we're both free. Get your legal concerns addressed today with a no-cost phone consultation. Call 949-478-8393.

Free Consultation

There's no charge to discuss your legal matter. Call 949-478-8393 or submit a contact request today for a free consultation on your business law issue.

Business Law and Corporate Formation

Business Law and Corporate Formation

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