Business Law Services

Do-it-yourself online services that don’t require an attorney have made it easier than ever for company founders to incorporate or form an LLC. But they’ve also made it more dangerous than ever. And they’re not the great value they seem to be at first glance.

Most offer cut-rate “teaser” pricing upfront, and then try to sell you additional, required services at check out that can add hundreds of dollars to your cost after you’ve already spent time entering all of your information.

Your corporate or partnership formation will be the foundation for your business. Chatow Law offers reasonable flat-rate pricing for company formations. You get personal, customized attention to your business needs, and the assurance that your transaction is being handled by an attorney from start to finish.


“A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on”–Samuel Goldwyn

While verbal contracts can be valid, Goldwyn had it mostly right. Written contracts must be at the core of every key transaction a business makes, from hiring a new employee to selling the company. I approach every contract and transaction from a business perspective so we don’t waste time and money fighting on legal points that have little if any relevance to the business. Negotiating legal contracts and transactions is an art, a science, and a balance, and the best approach must fit you, your business, and the people and company we’re negotiating with.

I have a broad background in resolving real estate law matters, from California HOA law to construction defect disputes. I spent 2 1/2 years as an executive of one of the largest homebuilders in Nevada, where we had more than $500,000,000 in residential condominium and mixed-use projects in development.

Whether you’re negotiating a commercial lease as a landlord or tenant, Chatow Law can negotiate and draft your lease with the experience that comes from 20 years of commercial lease transactions from the client side. Commercial leasing law services include:

  • Document and Process Review: Understanding Lease Provisions, Reviewing Pre-Leasing and Processes With Landlords and Property Managers
  • Negotiating and Drafting: Retail Leases, Restaurant Leases, Industrial Leases, and Office Leases
  • Amending Current Leases: Lease Extensions, Adding or Reducing Space, Assignment and Sublet Agreements, Lease Termination
  • Lease Disputes: Unlawful Detainer, Breach of Lease, Constructive Eviction

With four years’ experience at two San Francisco-based technology companies, one funded by DFJ, and the other by Sequoia Capital, I bring a deep understanding of the unique legal issues that internet and technology companies face–as well as how the internet and technology are bringing new legal challenges to brick and mortar businesses. I’ve worked on legal matters from terms of service for an innovative e-commerce service platform to an agreement governing the relationship between Servio and its 200,000 global crowdsourcing workers. I also negotiated the favorable resolution of a internet business disparagement matter with one of the world’s largest online review sites.