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Contingency Business Litigation

Contingency Business Attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles County

> Do you have a business-related claim against a company or individual?

> Considering a business lawsuit but concerned about the cost?

> Is your loss substantial – greater than $200,000?

If you answered “yes” to the above, your case might be a fit for Chatow Law’s contingency business litigation services.

Chatow Law helps businesses and individuals with strong business dispute legal claims bring cases they may not be able to fund on their own. We accept a select number of business litigation cases on a contingency fee basis. If we take your case on contingency you’ll pay a percentage of any settlement or judgment when it’s collected–rather than hourly legal fees as you go. Clients are still responsible for hard costs, which can vary from case to case but are typically a small fraction of the charges in a non-contingency case. Call us for more details.

When selecting a contingency business dispute attorney, it’s important to pick a good one. We understand what you’re going through from a business perspective – not just a legal perspective.

Chatow Law focuses on business disputes. From disputes among partners to disputes with other businesses, Chatow Law has helped hundreds of business owners resolve challenges.

Disputes among shareholders or with other businesses come in a variety of forms. Chatow Law considers some of these appropriate for a contingency arrangement.

What Are Common Contingency Fee Matters?

Why Should You Consider A Business Litigation Contingency Lawyer?

Every business owner should consider a business contingency litigation attorney for business disputes. Whether with a partner or other business partner, there are often reasons why a fee-for-service lawyer doesn’t make sense. Some of the reasons are listed below.

The Initial Consultation Is Free

Free initial consultations allow you to explore the basics of your case with a contingency lawyer. A contingency fee business dispute lawyer can quickly help you assess the strength of your case.

You’re Not A Lawyer – You’re An Entrepreneur or Business Owner

To successfully assess a business dispute lawsuit, you must know the law. To assess effectively, you need to:

  • select the best cause(s) of action;
  • determine the likelihood of winning your lawsuit;
  • evaluate the probability and capability of discovering important evidence;
  • assess the likelihood of important evidence being admissible to a jury or judge;
  • determine whether to waive a jury and have a judge hear your case (relevant for technical cases and cases involving certain types of contracts);
  • understand the other side’s legal point of view and legal evidence; and
  • assess the other side’s resources and their lawyers’ willingness to defend the case.

Without sophisticated legal knowledge, you have a big gap in your assessment capabilities. This gap makes it difficult to accurately evaluate your case. That’s why engaging a lawyer for a review is always wise.

Business Dispute Contingency Lawyers Help You Avoid Additional Losses

You may have already spent time and resources trying to resolve your case. From your point of view, you may be done, exhausted, and emotionally spent. You don’t want to spend more time, money, or emotions trying to resolve your dispute. Like many business owners, after a period of trying to resolve the dispute, you’re ready to move on – and consider the dispute a learning experience.

With contingency fee arrangements, you can move forward without the worries above. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys. These arrangements allow you to move forward and let your attorney worry about most of the money and risks.

Contingency Business Dispute Attorneys Assess Cases Differently Than Hourly Attorneys

Attorneys who charge by the hour have nothing to lose in taking your case. Win or lose, your attorney gets paid. This means you better pick an excellent hourly attorney. At rates of $700 or more an hour, choosing a business litigation attorney can be a high-stress and high-risk decision. Business contingency lawyers will give you a different point of view. They assess your case differently because they only get their fees if they win.

Do you have a business litigation case with at least $200,000 in hard damages against a liquid defendant? Call us for a free consultation and quote: 949-478-8393