Client Reviews

“I hired Mark to represent me in a business transaction. Mark’s experience was a huge benefit to me in the transaction. I was hesitant to hire an attorney due to the expense involved but due to Mark’s knowledge and expertise he ended up saving me an enormous amount of money. I would recommend Mark to anyone due to his knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism.” – Dave Standage

“Mark is one of the most professional, personable, smart and creative attorney’s that I have ever met. Mark has represented me in 2 separate cases, both of which I consider “wins”. Mark was creative with the options he presented, a strong negotiator for resolution to issues, and he was always looking “outside of the box” for solutions. Most importantly, Mark genuinely cared about the outcome of both cases, which at times, I’m sure were very trying for him. I HIGHLY recommend Mark!!!”

“Mark made it easy to register my LLC within California as a foreign entity and ensured I was setup properly with local / town tax authorities. Recently, I posed several questions to him regarding my LLC setup, and the best time for me to incorporate, benefits of S Corp or C Corp…lots of questions. Mark patiently answered all my questions and gave me an itemized list of follow-up items and costs. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a change in their small business operations.” – Mike Weaver

“Mark quickly responds to all of my small business questions. I appreciate his clear communication (with pricing) to issues. After speaking or emailing with Mark, i have the information i need to make a good business decision.”